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Stonehouse IGBF Golf Day

which amounts to €2,400 for every household in the State. A properly functioning Authority could have obviated the need to commit a €2,000 pay increase to civil servants simply by increasing purchasing power by an equivalent amount. This would have the effect of improving the balance of payments, improving competitiveness and increasing living standards. Are things going to change with the new CCPC? Two weeks ago, some forty-six years after the State first drove a coach and horses through our...
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Established in early 2000, Stonehouse is the product of the merger between Keencost Centres (Ireland), trading since 1975, and the National Wholesale Groceries Alliance, established in 1961. In bringing together this wealth of knowledge and experience, Stonehouse is now Ireland’s leading independent wholesale company with a network of 24 member companies; all family run businesses totalling 30 warehouses nationwide.
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