Homestead History


It is hard to believe that Homestead was ONLY born in 1983. To many people they would swear that it was there forever! The early 1980s was a period of recession and industrial unrest. With the arrival on the Irish grocery market of cheap unbranded generic products, such as yellow pack and red label, the NWGA Board felt it was imperative to launch an own label range of products for the Independent Retail Sector and thus the Homestead brand was born. This name was seen to reflect an aura of warmth, security and friendliness. It also gave a good wholesome association with food and grocery. The original plan was for a thatched cottage but that was quickly modified to reflect a more modern Ireland. Right from the beginning, the Homestead brand featured prices flashed on-pack, showing the consumer that the brand would ‘Bring Value Home’.

In 1988, just five years after the brand was launched using the familiar jingle ‘Homestead Brings Value Home’, research showed the brand as one of the most recognised in its category. Cleverly advertising in both English and Irish was used to get across our sense of place and heritage, winning many awards in the process, including the award for the best use of the Irish language in a commercial, the Radio Ad of the Century Award, and in November 2007 Homestead was included in the prestigious Irish Independent Newspapers’ Great Irish Brands’, alongside such luminaries as Guinness, Jameson, Lyons Tea, Kerrygold, and Tayto.

Homestead is not only a Great Brand but a Great Champion of the communities we serve. We have supported most local charities around the country and on a larger scale have supported St.Luke’s Hospital, the Special Olympics and from 2007 to 2012 Homestead adopted Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, as their charity of choice, raising over €800,000 for not only the latest life saving equipment but also the creation of two ‘Homestead Homes from Home’ within the hospital. After five years support of the Children’s Hospital we have now turned our Corporate Social Responsibility to another area of great need in our community, namely The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and for Christmas 2013 handed over 1,700 Christmas Hampers to the Society.

Consumers continue to look to brands that offer value, quality and pedigree. Homestead is as relevant today as it was back in 1983 when it was created..With over 100 products in the range, and a completely revamped logo, Homestead continues to bring value home to a whole new generation.